Political Awareness

I am 66.  I have voted in every presidential election since 1968. I have voted for Democratic candidates and Republican candidates.  I have voted for winners and losers, but to my shame I have never voted as an informed, reflective citizen.  Until this past election. The stark, dramatic contrast between the candidates drew me into the campaign and Idevoured everything from tweets to lengthy articles. When Donald Trump won, I was stunned like many other Americans.

I confess that my interest since the election has intensified instead of waned.  President Trump is such a departure from the usual politicians elected to the presidency that I have been watching how he handles the position. To say that I am surprised daily by what Trump says and does is to understate my reaction. Frankly, I am horrified as I watch President Trump unravel all I have valued over the years. I thought we Americans were making steady progress toward equality and tolerance for all people. To see us move backward so quickly is disheartening. I am not alone in failing to recognize the riptide swirling beneath the surface of life in the United States.

I will continue to watch President Trump and company, fascinated and more involved in government than I have been since seventh grade civics class. I am not a politician, a political scientist, an economist, a military expert, an historian, a foreign affairs specialist, or a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist.  I am merely a college professor with a Ph.D. in English. So, if you are interested in the perceptions of a commoner in this kingdom, please return for a visit.

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