Refocusing My Blog

The first two postings to my blog, though dated September 6, 2017, were originally posted some time ago, deleted, and just now reposted.  I quickly tired of following President Trump’s random and often ridiculous rants.  (A tweet by itself is not a rant, of course, but a series of tweets on the same subject may […]

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Lessons of a Political Novice

When I began paying close attention to the presidential election and actually hearing what the candidates said, I realized that discerning their true positions and understanding the complexities of the issues they addressed was virtually impossible from their oral statements, speeches, and debates.  I could get a sense of their public personas and perhaps know […]

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Political Awareness

I am 66.  I have voted in every presidential election since 1968. I have voted for Democratic candidates and Republican candidates.  I have voted for winners and losers, but to my shame I have never voted as an informed, reflective citizen.  Until this past election. The stark, dramatic contrast between the candidates drew me into […]

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